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The School for Women’s Empowerment is a vocational training school that helps female victims of gender-based violence get back to work. While providing courses in products and sales, it helps participants build self-estem and social empowerment.
An organisation that hires University students or recent graduates to implement pedagogical projects that upgrade the education curriculum in elementary and high schools in order to engage and retain students.
An online vocational guidance platform that provides youth with counselling, coaching and skills development tools by involving voluntary mentors from organisations and companies.
An organisation that aims to foster career advancement and transformation by training students and professionals in high-demanded IT skills and providing career support for the technology sector.
United States
A consultancy service to people over 50 who are interested in setting up their own business. Online services are directed both at the pre-start-up phase and at the early implementation phase of the company.
Initiative that promotes environmental and preventive health, integrating social and community services into the health care system to respond to unattended basic needs of patients and their families.
United States
A project offering after-school tutorial support, mentoring and career guidance for young people from the suburbs of large cities, that provides the necessary tools for their own learning and involves them as active agents of the institution.
South Africa
An urban intervention strategy based on social planning, that combines governance, mobility, cultural, public space and other recovery interventions to transform the lives of people living in historically deprived communities.
An integrated approach that transforms the way in which health and social care services are delivered, with the aim of supporting older people to remain in their homes, lead healthy lives, and be assisted as far as possible within community settings.
United Kingdom
A public service that brings together different institutions in a single location to provide individuals with integrated career counselling with a long-life approach.
A network of college-preparatory public charter schools that equips underserved students with the knowledge, skills and character strengths needed to succeed in college and life by sharing best practices and a set of operating principles.
United States
Social enterprise preparing more organizations and people to embrace digital transformation. They specially focus on empowering young women from underserved backgrounds by giving them access to digital education and quality jobs in the STEM sector.
A peer-to-peer support system of heterogeneous teams of unemployed people who, working through commitment and solidarity, reinforce skills, generate collective knowledge, become visible and collaborate in order to obtain employment.
A programme that recruits, trains and supports intercultural mediators to teach migrant communities how the health system works and educate them in specific health issues in which they are at higher risk, healthy lifestyles, therapies and prevention.
A social enterprise that tackles the dual challenges of integration and employment among highly educated young migrants, through offering mentorship programmes that foster labour market integration and promote cultural diversity.