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An intensive training in programming aimed primarily at unemployed people and underrepresented profiles in the digital sector (women, refugees, seniors). Its educational approach helps participants develop long-term professional and social skills.
A holistic peer-to-peer mentoring programme run by ex-offenders that helps former prisoners reintegrate back into society and prevents young people from getting involved in crime.
United Kingdom
A social enterprise that provides training and employment to people with autism or Asperger syndrome for their ability to effectively perform repetitive tasks that require a lot of concentration.
A mentoring project that connects children from disadvantaged backgrounds with university and college students who act as mentors, offering personalised attention that helps participants realise their potential and increase their motivation.
A teaching model that aims to shorten the time between migrants’ arrival and their entrance into the labour market, by supporting their social integration and employability through vocational training courses with integrated language education.
A free, multi-language online employment portal that allows users with no work experience to identify their strengths and generate a profile based on six skills groups. It also helps employers to identify proactive new employees with specific skills.
United Kingdom
A coalition of companies that work to change internal practices for hiring and retaining young people. Apprenticeships, internships, training programmes and jobs are offered to youth facing systemic barriers to employment and education.
United States
A collaborative, integrated project that connects people affected by poverty and homelessness with local communities through the creation of a one-stop-shop building.
Social and technological company focused on providing better products to consumers, with fewer intermediaries and a fair price. It does so while minimizing waste and transforming small neighborhood shops into social gathering points.
A programme that helps disadvantaged high school students pass college entrance exams through affordable, high quality after-school programmes focussed on science, technology, engineering and maths.
A model of neighbourhood-based holistic early childhood centres that provide children and families with better opportunities for educational success by prioritising the baby’s point of view, parent and community engagement.
United States
An organisation that aims to improve mental health and social outcomes among at-risk youth by using hip-hop and other youth cultural forms as catalysts for positive change and development.
United States
A programme that supports disadvantaged young people in receipt of benefits to successfully make the transition into education, employment or entrepreneurship, thereby saving money for the municipality and making returns for investors.
A social enterprise that generates employment opportunities in sustainable catering, tourism and hospitality activities and the creation of environmentally friendly buildings, mainly for social housing.
An extra-curricular learning programme that centralizes the local offer and engages children aged 5 to 14 in order that they develop different interests and skills through participation in diverse activities.
United Kingdom