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An intensive, flexible, family and community-based treatment programme that addresses all environmental systems negatively affecting chronic and violent juvenile offenders’ behaviour to improve the quality of life for both them and their families.
United States
A web-based recruitment agency that connects people who are looking for employment, with and without disabilities, with job offers suited to their skills, while helping companies to rethink disability.
An organisation that provides educational programmes in entrepreneurship to underresourced high school students, teaching them the attitudes, skills and behaviours they need to succeed academically, personally and professionally.
United States
A professional guidance, training and accompaniment project that fosters the ability of vulnerable young people to make decisions and take action towards their sustainable socio-professional inclusion.
An on-tax financing tool that catalyses private capital to cover energy efficiency building improvements. Its long-term repayment model, attached to property taxes, generates adoption incentives for homeowners.
United States
An organisation that places professional clowns in hospitals in order to accompany children and adults during disease processes. The aim is to improve the physical, mental and social wellbeing of patients, professionals and family members.
A city-level, public-private cooperation project that orients, trains and accompanies people in vulnerable situations to bring them closer to the labour market.
An organisation that aims to improve young care leavers' quality of life by connecting them with volunteer mentors and support resources in various complex aspects of their adult lives, such as emotional education and financial management.
An organisation that provides peer-to-peer mentoring and educational support programmes to help marginalised and at-risk youth integrate into mainstream professional and social opportunities.
An online job platform that provides refugees with access to the labour market by connecting them with employers according to their skills and knowledge. While promoting refugee integration, it helps employers to find talent and increase diversity.
A project that helps mothers in vulnerable situations re-enter employment, education or training through offering a flexible and easy-to-access childcare service over an extensive period of time.
A programme that fosters personal development and social integration among vulnerable children and youth through strengthening their literacy skills, building their self-esteem and integrating community support.
A flexible, modular, private school system that offers young refugees and asylum seekers comprehensive support by combining training, mentoring and socialisation activities.
An educational model that offers alternative programmes to early school leavers. Unlike mainstream schools, its flexible approach adjusts to the needs and interests of participants and involves agents in helping them re-enroll into training or work.
A non-profit organisation that uses skateboarding to engage children and youth from different backgrounds in safe educational spaces in which they can break down social barriers and develop leadership skills.