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An educational project that creates learning environments for children in vulnerable social situations, such as extreme poverty or forced displacement, using a learner-centred pedagogical model and in coordination with the formal school system.
Development of resilient Appalachian communities with socially, environmentally, and financially thriving economies which create the adequate conditions for all kinds of people to unlock their full potential, power, and purpose.
United States
A global community of free, open, volunteer-led, local programming clubs for children and young people aged 7-17 to explore technology in an informal, collaborative, practical, creative and social environment.
A circular integration model in which refugees receive training and affordable housing in return of their work supporting the needs of the local communities and participating in citisen-led activities that improve life quality in the neighbourhoods.
Educational methodology that forms better global citizens through the power of play, emphasizing gender equal participation with a special focus on more vulnerable and marginalized communities.
An education-focussed organisation that provides unemployed young people with access to economic opportunities through targeted job training and placements, and employability and entrepreneurship programmes.
United States
Global network and ecosystem of local FABulous FABrication laboratories or workshops, democratizing manufacturing technologies and enabling invention by providing access to tools for digital fabrication.
United States
Professional and technical training center to empower and upgrade women’s and young girls’ livelihoods by strengthening their productive and entrepreneurial capacities and abilities, with a strong focus on renewable energy.
Umbrella initiative seeking systemic change through food related programs and actions in collaboration with local community stakeholders, to make fresh, healthy and culturally diverse products more easily accessible in vulnerable neighborhoods.
An international youth movement that has launched a network of campaigns to tackle the climate crisis through a systemic change lens.
A foundation that runs a ‘supported employment’ programme to help people with special needs access the ordinary labour market through training, job placement and personalised assistance.
The School for Women’s Empowerment is a vocational training school that helps female victims of gender-based violence get back to work. While providing courses in products and sales, it helps participants build self-estem and social empowerment.
An organisation that hires University students or recent graduates to implement pedagogical projects that upgrade the education curriculum in elementary and high schools in order to engage and retain students.
An online vocational guidance platform that provides youth with counselling, coaching and skills development tools by involving voluntary mentors from organisations and companies.
An organisation that aims to foster career advancement and transformation by training students and professionals in high-demanded IT skills and providing career support for the technology sector.
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