Gelecek Daha Net

Serra Titiz.
An online vocational guidance platform that provides youth with counselling, coaching and skills development tools by involving voluntary mentors from organisations and companies.
What solution does the innovation propose?

By sharing information and experience between volunteers and young users, Gelecek Daha Net (GDN; ‘The Future is Brighter’ in English) aims to foster youth professional development in a cost-effective way, while filling the existing gap in the vocational guidance area. The aim is not to function as a recruitment agency but to empower and encourage youth self-determination with the ability to make informed education, career and life choices.


Responsible Leaders Awards, BMW Foundation (2014). Serra Titiz is an Ashoka Fellow (2013).

Impact evidence

  • In 2013, over 1,600 business professionals had volunteered to share their first-hand success stories and insights with more than 11,000 youth.
  • 95% satisfaction rate among young users.
  • 72% reported personal and professional development, and 54% an increase in career objectives.
How does it work?

GDN offers online and offline activities, including e-mentoring, career coaching, certified online trainings, online career guidance surveys, webinars and vocational and leadership videos through an online platform and its mobile application. The specific online services include:

  • Diagnose Institutions. Facilitates access to job and internship opportunities and enables young people to identify institutions and positions.
  • E-mentoring. Hundreds of volunteers from the business world or from civil society share their experiences with interested young people through chat rooms or web conferences.
  • Video Field. Successful entrepreneurs in different fields share their success stories and describe their career journeys in 10-minutes videos. The video area is open to anyone with Internet access. 

GDN also organises youth camps and workshops in partnership with other stakeholders, such as private sector companies, parents and teachers associations and NGOs.

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June 2017

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