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A programme that pairs skilled migrants with mentors who are professionals in their field in a four-month partnership. While supporting mentees in their job search, mentors gain greater cultural awareness and leadership skills.
A model to help address and promote student mental health and well-being through the implementation of peer support initiatives in high schools and colleges to empower students and create inclusive communities.
United States
A capacity-building and microcredit programme aimed at supporting the creation and scaling of cooperative businesses in low income communities through technical assistance, access to credit and training.
An organization with diverse programmes which contribute to social development and personal growth of children, young people and adults, while generating knowledge and helping other agents of change unleash transformation processes.
Public health service that provides medical, psychological and social care, advice and support to trans* people and their families.
An initiative that looks at the impact that large assets, their commissioning, employment strategies and interactions with local residents have on the communities they are based in with the aim of tackling social exclusion and inequalities.
United Kingdom
Non-profit that leverages the power of sport and play, supporting other organisations to empower girls and young women to know their rights, specifically regarding gender-based violence, sexual health, and economic empowerment.
A mentoring and training programme that supports teenagers to achieve maturity and readiness for work through one-to-one apprenticeship relationships with individual tradesmen or women.
United Kingdom
A foundation that works with low-income and rural communities to create rich learning environments for children, youth and women in order to identify critical challenges, learn about the causes and apply appropriate technologies to solve them.
United States