Sandy Campbell.
United Kingdom
A mentoring and training programme that supports teenagers to achieve maturity and readiness for work through one-to-one apprenticeship relationships with individual tradesmen or women.
What solution does the innovation propose?

WorkingRite works in partnership with local businesses to offer apprenticeships to people aged 16 to 24. It matches young people with companies or self-employed individuals with whom trainees learn valuable skills on the job, guided by a mentor in the workplace, while earning a weekly training allowance. 


Best Practice in Community Regeneration, Scotland Regeneration Forum Awards (2014). Scottish Mentoring Network Award (2012). Centre for Social Justice Award (2009).

Impact evidence

  • Approximately 150 young people are engaged each year.
  • According to an external study study conducted in 2016, 56% of participants engaged in training activities or jobs after the programme. Of those, 49% were offered an apprenticeship, 42% were offered a job and 9% went to college.
How does it work?

The methodology is based on matching tradesmen or women (plumbers, painters, decorators, hair stylists…) with young people who can benefit from direct experience and an introduction to the world of work. The placement is designed to create a real working relationship between the trainee and tradesman in the form of an apprenticeship, supported by a local project coordinator from WorkingRite.

Participants work up to 35 hours per week for 2 to 6 months, and receive £90 a week plus travel expenses for their efforts, of which £35 are paid by the employer and the rest by the state. At the end of a successful placement, employers are encouraged to offer a job or further apprenticeships to the trainees.

Geographical scope

Where was initially developed
Leith, Scotland.
Where has been implemented so far
Implemented throughout Scotland.
Last updated: 
June 2017

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