NGO Les Eaux Vives and Municipality of Nantes.
A collaborative, integrated project that connects people affected by poverty and homelessness with local communities through the creation of a one-stop-shop building.
What solution does the innovation propose?

5Ponts (5Bridges) is an experimental project that fosters the social integration of excluded groups in local communities through participation. It will lead to the creation of a unique social infrastructure, open to the neighbourhood, in which beneficiaries will receive support for empowerment through transversal social work and connections toward jobs, health, housing and local communities. The project responds to a double paradigm shift regarding homelessness: commitment instead of assistantship and inclusion instead of sheltering.


The project is supported by the Urban Innovative Actions initiative.

Impact evidence


The project has defined a set of performance indicators that will guide monitoring activities along the experimentation phase, including participants' authonomy, skills development and labour market integration among others.

How does it work?

Services will be managed with the involvement of users, professionals and neighbours, and will include a wide variety of activities that go far beyond the usual juxtaposition of social programmes. A restaurant, a store, a community garden, an urban farm, a start-up platform and apartments will be made accessible together with social care services comprising a large scale of activities: health care, self-esteem development, job counselling, work experience, a day and night-shelter, temporary housing and autonomous housing solutions.

Geographical scope

Where was initially developed
Last updated: 
March 2019

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Strength of the evidence

Teoría de cambio prometedora

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