Co-learning: five best practices from EUROCITIES' members

The first-ever Social Innovation Lab of EUROCITIES took place on 25-27 March 2019 in Glasgow. Over 120 city politicians, officers and change makers (social enterprises and foundations) from over 50 cities in Europe joined forces to pilot a new way of working for ‘Making Inclusive Cities through Social Innovation’.

In the first part of the Social Innovation Lab, city delegates learned from recent pilots of social innovations in cities - mostly city-led projects supported as Urban Innovation Actions. 

A collaborative, integrated project that connects people affected by poverty and homelessness with local communities through the creation of a one-stop-shop building.
A circular integration model in which refugees receive training and affordable housing in return of their work supporting the needs of the local communities and participating in citisen-led activities that improve life quality in the neighbourhoods.
An integrated approach that transforms the way in which health and social care services are delivered, with the aim of supporting older people to remain in their homes, lead healthy lives, and be assisted as far as possible within community settings.
United Kingdom
A public service that brings together different institutions in a single location to provide individuals with integrated career counselling with a long-life approach.
An initiative that looks at the impact that large assets, their commissioning, employment strategies and interactions with local residents have on the communities they are based in with the aim of tackling social exclusion and inequalities.
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