Gründer 50plus

Ralf Sange.
A consultancy service to people over 50 who are interested in setting up their own business. Online services are directed both at the pre-start-up phase and at the early implementation phase of the company.
What solution does the innovation propose?

The initiative provides advice and assistance to people over 50 years old who have professional experience and would like to be self-employed or start a new enterprise. It focuses on people who are keen to start their own businesses due to financial difficulties or have a long-standing business idea that they would like to bring to fruition in order to contribute to society.


Social Innovation in Old Age, King Baudouin Foundation (2014). Ralf Sange is an Ashoka Fellow (2013). European Social Entrepreneur for Active Aging and Intergenerational Solidarity, The European Commission (2012).

Impact evidence

  • More than 1,000 entrepreneurs supported.
  • Following a pilot workshop with 19 participants, around 60% successfully founded a small enterprise.
  • 92% of participants found the content good or very good and 9 out of 12 participants wanted to set up their own business.
How does it work?

Gründer 50plus offers individual advice combined with group work via online courses and workshops. The programmes use simple, accessible language, concentrating on the essential content of setting up a new business, and a step-by-step procedure. Courses include: - Orientation workshops on the business idea, being a founder and finance. - Intensive workshops for conceptual development and implementation planning of mature business ideas. - Individual coaching before, during and after the foundation of the business. Further training and support are also offered regarding several aspects of the planning, development and implementation of the business idea. Key elements of the programme include a focus on a lean start up model (with the lowest possible risk), quick set up of legal structure and developing a business idea that is born out of genuine motivation from the founder.

Geographical scope

Where was initially developed
Verden, Germany.
Where has been implemented so far
Berlin, Leipzig, Cologne, Leverkusen, Frankfurt, Bremen, Hanover, Munich and Kiel.
Last updated: 
June 2017

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