How to build better employment opportunities and pathways for young people?

In the wake of the crisis, rising youth unemployment has reached critical levels that demand urgent attention. Young people unemployed are an extremely diverse group of people that faces the same challenge from different standpoints. Lack of opportunity is influenced by their place of birth, of residence, their family, their social network, their education, the social or ethnic group, their health status… 

Overall, the Accelerating Change for Social Inclusion project will focus on finding proven innovative solutions adressed to young people from 15 to 24 in all their differences, whether they are refugees and migrants or local youngsters, whether they have completed obligatory education or not, whether they have already entered the labour market without the skills to maintain their jobs and grow or not.

An education-focussed organisation that provides unemployed young people with access to economic opportunities through targeted job training and placements, and employability and entrepreneurship programmes.
United States
A foundation that runs a ‘supported employment’ programme to help people with special needs access the ordinary labour market through training, job placement and personalised assistance.
An online vocational guidance platform that provides youth with counselling, coaching and skills development tools by involving voluntary mentors from organisations and companies.
An organisation that aims to foster career advancement and transformation by training students and professionals in high-demanded IT skills and providing career support for the technology sector.
United States
A peer-to-peer support system of heterogeneous teams of unemployed people who, working through commitment and solidarity, reinforce skills, generate collective knowledge, become visible and collaborate in order to obtain employment.
A social enterprise that tackles the dual challenges of integration and employment among highly educated young migrants, through offering mentorship programmes that foster labour market integration and promote cultural diversity.
An organisation that provides educational programmes in entrepreneurship to underresourced high school students, teaching them the attitudes, skills and behaviours they need to succeed academically, personally and professionally.
United States
A professional guidance, training and accompaniment project that fosters the ability of vulnerable young people to make decisions and take action towards their sustainable socio-professional inclusion.
An organisation that aims to improve young care leavers' quality of life by connecting them with volunteer mentors and support resources in various complex aspects of their adult lives, such as emotional education and financial management.
An organisation that provides peer-to-peer mentoring and educational support programmes to help marginalised and at-risk youth integrate into mainstream professional and social opportunities.
A flexible, modular, private school system that offers young refugees and asylum seekers comprehensive support by combining training, mentoring and socialisation activities.
A non-profit organisation that uses skateboarding to engage children and youth from different backgrounds in safe educational spaces in which they can break down social barriers and develop leadership skills.
An organization with diverse programmes which contribute to social development and personal growth of children, young people and adults, while generating knowledge and helping other agents of change unleash transformation processes.
A mentoring and training programme that supports teenagers to achieve maturity and readiness for work through one-to-one apprenticeship relationships with individual tradesmen or women.
United Kingdom
A foundation that works with low-income and rural communities to create rich learning environments for children, youth and women in order to identify critical challenges, learn about the causes and apply appropriate technologies to solve them.
United States