Social change catalysts

We want to celebrate our 10th anniversary while launching a collaborative learning challenge to help generate opportunities for common reflection and action, especially seizing a moment where we are globally redefining priorities to build societies that are more resilient and fair. Within this process, we got inspiration from with a wide array of initiatives that are generating systemic changes worldwide.

The power of culture and sport to accelerate social transformation processes is increasingly recognized. Some of the identified innovations use subjects such as musical and audiovisual creation, theater, plastic arts, or architecture to contribute to solve social challenges. They accomplish this acting as a backbone to reconcile communities, change mentalities, generate sense of belonging, strengthen skills, or restore the dignity of specific target groups. The following collection assembles initiatives that use some of these tools to activate resilience processes in individuals and communities.

A programme that combines theatre training and other techniques to develop psycho-emotional and vocational skills, helping unemployed people improve their self-esteem, replace passivity with proactivity and gain employment.
An organisation that aims to improve mental health and social outcomes among at-risk youth by using hip-hop and other youth cultural forms as catalysts for positive change and development.
United States
Educational methodology that forms better global citizens through the power of play, emphasizing gender equal participation with a special focus on more vulnerable and marginalized communities.
An urban intervention strategy based on social planning, that combines governance, mobility, cultural, public space and other recovery interventions to transform the lives of people living in historically deprived communities.
An organisation that places professional clowns in hospitals in order to accompany children and adults during disease processes. The aim is to improve the physical, mental and social wellbeing of patients, professionals and family members.
A non-profit organisation that uses skateboarding to engage children and youth from different backgrounds in safe educational spaces in which they can break down social barriers and develop leadership skills.
Non-profit that leverages the power of sport and play, supporting other organisations to empower girls and young women to know their rights, specifically regarding gender-based violence, sexual health, and economic empowerment.