Technology for social inclusion

We want to celebrate our 10th anniversary while launching a collaborative learning challenge to help generate opportunities for common reflection and action, especially seizing a moment where we are globally redefining priorities to build societies that are more resilient and fair. Within this process, we got inspiration from with a wide array of initiatives that are generating systemic changes worldwide.

During the current Covid-19 crisis, digital technologies are being key to provide human and social responses, avoiding physical distance to become social, guaranteeing the continuity of all kinds of services, as well as the flow and access to information, and finally, providing a platform for participation and communication. The transition to digital is inevitable, but like any other developing tendency, opportunities come with their own challenges: marked inequalities to new technology access have been exposed, the absence of adequate protocols for the protection of digital rights, and the lack of necessary education for everyone to actively participate in a digital society. This collection is comprised of innovations that proof the high potential of digital tools and platforms to build more fair and cohesive societies, and that transformed and adapted to provide more social and community-based answers to a wide range of issues.

An online incubation software that helps seed-stage entrepreneurs to structure and develop their businesses step-by-step with the support of a mentor.
United States
An intensive training in programming aimed primarily at unemployed people and underrepresented profiles in the digital sector (women, refugees, seniors). Its educational approach helps participants develop long-term professional and social skills.
A global community of free, open, volunteer-led, local programming clubs for children and young people aged 7-17 to explore technology in an informal, collaborative, practical, creative and social environment.
Global network and ecosystem of local FABulous FABrication laboratories or workshops, democratizing manufacturing technologies and enabling invention by providing access to tools for digital fabrication.
United States
Social enterprise preparing more organizations and people to embrace digital transformation. They specially focus on empowering young women from underserved backgrounds by giving them access to digital education and quality jobs in the STEM sector.
A foundation that works with low-income and rural communities to create rich learning environments for children, youth and women in order to identify critical challenges, learn about the causes and apply appropriate technologies to solve them.
United States