Bridge for Billions

Pablo Santaeufemia, Edgar Salazar and Jessica Kou.
United States
An online incubation software that helps seed-stage entrepreneurs to structure and develop their businesses step-by-step with the support of a mentor.
What solution does the innovation propose?

Practical and experiential business education are provided through an accessible one-stop-shop that helps participants design, structure, develop, and pitch their business ideas. The incubation plan is based on three pillars: learning by doing, support and advice from experienced mentors in the sector and a global, peer-led community support network of other like-minded founders with whom to share the experience. Its mission is to democratise access to quality entrepreneurship support and create a highly scalable solution that makes entrepreneurship ecosystems more efficient, transparent and inclusive.


30 Under 30 Europe, Social Entrepreneurs, Forbes (2017). Ashoka Fellowship (2017). BBVA Momentum Programme (2017). Member of the Ashoka Changemakers Xchange community (2016). Impact Hub Scaling Program Entrepreneur (2016).

Impact evidence

  • 580 entrepreneurs have gone through a Bridge for Billions programme up until 2019.
  • 38 entrepreneurship programmes have been built with corporates, foundations, universities and public institutions.
  • 96% of participants reported that the programme had been a factor for success.
  • 73% of businesses are still in operations 1 year after the programme.
  • An average of 2.5 jobs per entrepreneur are created within a year.
How does it work?

The incubation plan lasts three months and is developed through the following steps:

  1. Intelligent Matching. Based on the information they provide, entrepreneurs are matched with a mentor who provides one-to-one insight and feedback throughout the business development process.
  2. Online Workspace. The programme provides entrepreneurs with an online workspace that assists them in developing their venture, offering tools for communication, clear deadlines and a project dashboard.
  3. Business Creation Tool. The plan’s eight Business Creation Tools help the user structure and focus the process, helping the entrepreneur make decisions with the assistance of a mentor.
  4. Visual Pitch. Once the incubation programme is completed, the user obtains a visual 3-pager report for investors that provides them with a fully fleshed out road map for development.

Geographical scope

Where was initially developed
Pittsburgh, United States.
Where has been implemented so far
Operating from New York City (United States) and Madrid (Spain). Implemented worldwide.
Last updated: 
June 2019