Acta Vista

Laurence Fontaine (President), Cyprien Fonvielle (General director).
An employment integration programme through vocational training courses on restoration of historical monuments. Participants develop skills related to heritage professions and are accompanied to solve other potential hindrances to employment.
What solution does the innovation propose?

The programme offers certified training courses in prestigious restoration sites, whereby participants acquire relevant skills to find a job in dignified professions related to the historical monuments sector. By working on prestigious sites, participants develop job skills while restoring life to exceptional places and making communities more dynamic.


French Impact Pioneer, Ministère de la Transition écologique et solidaire (2018). Prix La France s'engage (2015). Groupe SOS membership (2015).

Impact evidence

  • Every year, the organisation recruits and trains more than 500 unemployed people.
  • 65% of participants find a job or continue their training after participating in the programme, a success rate four times the national average for professional rehabilitation programmes.
  • For each person recruited and trained, the project generates a net gain for the community of €6,900 to €10,500.
How does it work?

The programme recruits young people who have difficulty finding a job and long-term unemployed people based on their motivation to undertake a new career path. Participants take part in a daily training scheme in a variety of heritage professions (stone cutting, carpentry, ironwork, etc.) delivered by trained craftsmen and women. This practical training takes place on site at the restoration projects of prestigious historical monuments. After the training, participants undertake an examination to achieve the relevant qualification for each profession. Each employee is accompanied individually in a professional project and in his/her particular social situation to overcome barriers to finding a job (housing, mobility, health, etc.).

Geographical scope

Where was initially developed
Marseille, France.
Where has been implemented so far
Six French regions.
Last updated: 
June 2020