Economy at the service of people and the planet

We want to celebrate our 10th anniversary while launching a collaborative learning challenge to help generate opportunities for common reflection and action, especially seizing a moment where we are globally redefining priorities to build societies that are more resilient and fair. Within this process, we got inspiration from with a wide array of initiatives that are generating systemic changes worldwide.

Local, dynamic, environmentally-friendly economies, as well as decent, appropriate employment, are fundamental to guarantee stability and wellbeing. Only if the structures and systems guarantee all citizen’s basic needs are covered, it’s reasonable to expect for people to act collectively and in solidarity. This collection gathers innovations that, on one hand, take into account possible futures scenarios to propose sustainable and responsible employment and economic models, and on the other side, promote the introduction of new financial mechanisms to foster innovation as a gateway for prosperity and economic sustainability.

A programme for creating employment cooperatives owned by people with difficulties to access meaningful employment. It builds a network of for-profit, social community-based enterprises with a strong focus on sustainability.
United States
A for-profit organisation that provides unemployed young people with vocational training, coaching and remunerated internship opportunities directly in the business areas in which it operates, related to production, services and sales.
An entrepreneurship programme targeting primarily women and youth in rural areas. Activities are tailored to the local needs and aimed at fostering job market insertion and rural development.
A non-profit business transfer marketplace for SMEs that connects enterprises in the process of closing down with prospective buyers. By offering matchmaking and supporting negotiation, it acts as an instrument to give long life to viable businesses.
Development of resilient Appalachian communities with socially, environmentally, and financially thriving economies which create the adequate conditions for all kinds of people to unlock their full potential, power, and purpose.
United States
An on-tax financing tool that catalyses private capital to cover energy efficiency building improvements. Its long-term repayment model, attached to property taxes, generates adoption incentives for homeowners.
United States
A pay-for-results contract between a public administration and impact investors, to finance innovative solutions to social problems. It overcomes barriers to experimentation, as the administration only repays if the intervention is successful.
United Kingdom