Catalan Employers Association (Cecot), supported by a private foundation that promotes self-employment in Catalonia (Autoocupació).
A non-profit business transfer marketplace for SMEs that connects enterprises in the process of closing down with prospective buyers. By offering matchmaking and supporting negotiation, it acts as an instrument to give long life to viable businesses.
¿Qué solución propone la innovación?

With the aim to prevent the loss of jobs and firms in its territory, Reempresa matches the needs of both the supply and demand sides. Through physical and virtual spaces, the programme coordinates the original company and the new entrepreneur, assisting them throughout the transfer process and facilitating communication and interaction.

Evidencia de impacto

Resultados de actividad
  • 1,700 successful business transfers facilitated since 2011.
Resultados de cambio
  • 5,100 jobs safeguarded.
  • 87% of transferred businesses continue operation after three years.
  • 76% of the companies increase their turnover after being transferred, and 31% expand staff numbers.
¿Cómo funciona?

Reempresa provides access to a unique online marketplace and one-stop-offices in which expert advice and specialised training are offered to business owners and potential buyers. The service is not-for-profit, coordinated by business transfer professionals with the support of a network of public and private collaborators. To ensure quality, all consultations are treated neutrally and confidentially, being the information published by owners and buyers always thoroughly verified. A team of consultants support the transfer process: from the first introductory meeting to the final purchase agreement, supporting all stages of negotiation and providing mediation if needed.

Ámbito geográfico

Zona geográfica de implantación original
Barcelona, Spain.
Zonas geográficas donde se ha replicado la innovación
Última actualización: 
marzo 2019