Urban Time

Germina Foundation, Mario Cuixart
The main objective of UrbanTime is to offer a first part-time job opportunity for young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds so they can earn an income and support their educational pathways.
What solution does the innovation propose?

Urban Time offers part-time jobs compatible with studies during the academic year with a maximum of ten hours per week and full-time during school holidays. Since the age of fourteen Germina Foundation promotes that youngsters become volunteers with smaller children supporting workshops, games and literacy activities. Through volunteering they gain skills such as activity planning, organization or public speaking and experience as youth activity coordinators. Furthermore and after the experience accumulated, at the age of eighteen they are prepared to undertake the official course of youth activity coordinator and get the qualification. From Urban Time a process of selection of coordinators is undertaken in which priority is given to those that come from disadvantaged backgrounds and are part of guidance projects from various social entities.


Selected in 2014 on the Social Entrepreneurship Programme of Fundació La Caixa.

Impact evidence


Since the foundation of Urban Time in June 2015 the indicators registered are:

- Educators hired: 18 in 2015 (from June to December) - 41 in 2016 (until October).

- Educators hired from a social disadvantaged background 12 in 2015 (from June to December) - 16 in 2016 (until October).

- Staff working hourse: 418 in 2015 (from June to December) - 5.113 in 2016 (until October).

How does it work?

Urban Time offers through the hired young coordinators three types of activities. Firstly workshops and extracurricular activities after school all along the academic year in schooling centres, community centres or public parks. Secondly, urban summer camps during schooling holidays not just on summer time. And lastly tailored projects such as child activities for any special celebration, groups dynamics for enterprises or community events.
Urban Time innovative proposal is based on two aspects. On the first place its specialization on urban activities such as skate, parkour, DJ, graffiti or urban dances. All these disciplines are very close to youngsters and their daily life and furthermore they take place in urban spaces in which social interaction among the community happens. On the second place, this educational proposal is based on values, particularly in civic-mindedness. Behind every Urban Time action there is an educational feature as urban activities coexist with life in the city, respecting it and looking for ways of ameliorating the context.
For the whole functioning of Urban Time system the role of youngsters is pivotal as they are the main actors of the urban space in which activities take place. Young adults are hired to participate in these activities through project-based contacts that depend directly on the activities Urban Time gets involved in. At a first stage, youngsters to be hired are sent directly from Germina's Foundation various youth programmes. At a second stage, other social entities that work as well with young adults at risk of exclusion send candidates.

Geographical scope

Where was initially developed
In Santa Coloma de Gramenet.
Where has been implemented so far
Barcelona area.