Soronko Solutions

Soronko Solutions, Regina Honu.
A social enterprise that brings women and girls in Ghana to the world of ICT, providing them with tools and role models to move from being consumers to creators of technology.
What solution does the innovation propose?

Challenges the existing mentality towards the role of women in technology through an innovative education model combining community engagement, mentorship and skills training to ultimately give girls the tools to succeed in the ICT space. By providing girls with role models and introducing them to a creative coding curriculum that cultivates ownership, she is helping girls envision a future in ICT.


Regina Honu, Buffett Award winner (2017).
Regina Honu appointed Vlisco Ambassador (2016).
Startup Entrepreneur of the year Ghana Startup Awards (2016).
Social Enterpreneur of Ashoka (2014).
Awarded Young Entrepreneur of the year by the GPA Awards from Africa 2.0 and the JCI Ghana Outstanding Young Person award for scientific and technological advancement.
Featured on CNN as one the 12 most inspirational women who rock STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Impact evidence

  • It changes the perception in rural communities of the role of girls.
  • 90 volunteers, 110 mentors who are either computer scientists or engineers.
  • More than 3,500 students in 8 regions of Ghana.
  • The curriculum has been translated into French.
How does it work?

The program is centered on a unique coding curriculum for girls that emphasizes ownership and mentorship. Over the course of six months, girls take weekly coding classes and are encouraged to identify a community or social problem which they can apply their lessons to. Regina Honu partners with community leaders to gain support for the program and ensure sustainability. Volunteers studying coding at local universities or working in the ICT field help teach girls these courses and provide one-to-one mentorship. Because many girls come from rural backgrounds where tradition and a lack of role models influence perceptions about girls’ potential in the ICT sector, having a mentor and being able to address a community problem is key to changing their perception of what is possible.
They use technology to drive human potential.
The company leverages funds from developing innovative technology solutions across different channels such as web, mobile, POS and ATM to help small and medium enterprises in Ghana create visibility and grow their business with technology. The social enterprise uses mobile phones, laptops, raspberry pi's and tablets to equip Ghanaian girls with STEM and critical thinking skills to solve the problems they live with every day and to fight poverty. Soronko has started a movement called Tech Needs Girls where girls receive mentoring to lead and innovate by learning to code. More than 3,000 girls have received training in eight regions across Ghana by 80+ volunteers and 130+ mentors. Soronko is working on starting the first All Girls Coding and Human Centered Design School in West Africa.

Geographical scope

Where was initially developed
Accra, Ghana.
Where has been implemented so far
Ghana and Burkina Faso.