A home for unaccompanied refugee children managed by a team of multi-specialised professionals. It works to help children recover from their post traumatic war experience, to reunite with their families and to be tutored during the process.
What solution does the innovation propose?

A real home center for unaccompanied children that takes care of them in a loving, warm environment with the support of a variety of professionals.


The Stavros Niarchos Philotimo Award (2015).
The Hellenic Iniative Grant (2013).
UNHCR's Nansen Refugee Award (2016)

Impact evidence

  • Εvery year more than 50,000 people benefit from the programs led by PRAKSIS.
  • Reports and press impacts can be found at
How does it work?

An accommodation centers aiming to provide housing and services to unaccompanied minors. The program is a result of collaboration between the Ministry for Interior and Administrative Reconstruction, J. L. Foundation (funding) and PRAKSIS (implementation).
Its capacity is 24 beds and the focus point of the project is the successful inclusion of the beneficiaries (boys 8-18) in society, giving special emphasis to relevant activities. More specifically, the services provided at the accommodation centres are:
. Psychosocial support
. Interpretation/​Mediation services
. Legal counselling
. Tutoring in Greek language and support with homework and studies
. Intercultural activities
. Recreational activities
. Cover of basic needs such as food, security and education.

Geographical scope

Where was initially developed
Athens, Thesaloniki, Dodecanisi
Where has been implemented so far