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A business-driven movement to promote a better transition from education and training to employment for youth across Europe. Wants to be a change agent in sharing knowledge and experiences to solve local barriers to youth employment.
Using innovative strategies to empower and socially include children from ethnic minorities like Roma People through education on free and leisure time together with other children.
Calí is a programme that seeks to empower Roma women, to guarantee the exercise and defense of their rights. A programme that seeks ultimately full citizenship.
The CEED Self-Employment Benefits Programme assists aspiring entrepreneurs to become self-sufficient through self-employment.
A labor reinsertion program that gives technical training tools to unemployed people helping them to re-enter into the labor market and to solve the emotional issues that are presented when it comes to looking for work or changing jobs.
They encourage individuals, organizations and companies to fund community activities in areas where donors live and work. They disburse funding to nonprofit organizations throughout the United States and around the world.
United States
A social enterprise that simultaneously combats food waste whilst empowering groups at risk of social exclusion.
A social enterprise organised through flexible patterns and adaptable human resources strategies to keep employed people with mental illness.
Works with social landlords across the country in generating procurement efficiencies through its portfolio of frameworks and then ploughs the generated surplus back into the communities, as a means to save money and deliver social value.
United Kingdom
Job insertion model for people with low professional qualifications, focused on the opportunities of the green economy. It has a group of several companies in this sector enabling them to maximise social impact.
Group of 13 social insertion companies that create joint ventures with other private companies. This conglomerate undertakes to hire between 30 and 60% of its workforce with people in difficult conditions of employment.
A network of centres and online resources providing young people with early intervention services that cover four core areas: mental health, physical (including sexual) health, work and study support and alcohol and other drug services.
The Model for Integrated Develoment (MIR). A comprehensive, integrated approach that addresses both individual and community development to integrate Roma people.
Hands-on training and mentoring programs to help young people gain the knowledge and skills to build a successful career.
A non-sectarian organization that gives people the tools to find entry, mid, and executive level jobs and careers. They offer a range of free services such as networking events with local employers, employment counselling and job search workshops.
United States